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Second Money & The Atomic Bond

Building upon the foundational skills acquired in the “Elements of Closing” Workshop, this Second Money Workshop is an advanced two-day event geared towards helping chiropractors smoothly transition patients from corrective to wellness care. Under the expert guidance of Dr. James Chestnut and Dr. Brad Glowaki, this workshop is a blend of practical skills and the precise science of wellness, providing you with the essential tools to create and sustain a thriving salutogenic practice.

The workshop is meticulously crafted to teach you the precise language, 2.0 Second Money scripts, and transition points required for successful Second Money conversions. Engage with us as we delve into the nuances of Continuity Sales, unraveling the art of effortlessly selling to satisfied customers. Learn the strategic pricing of your care services, effectively handling insurance objections, and much more.

At the Atomic Bond Workshop, you will learn:

  • Second Money principles

  • Strategic pricing models

  • Health assurance over health insurance

  • Objection management

  • Why people are MORE likely to say 'yes'

  • DOTP (Deliver on the Promise)

  • Anchoring lifetime wellness

  • Additional procedures & table talk to make the purchase easy

Attendance to the ELEMENTS Workshop is mandatory as it lays the groundwork for the advanced techniques and strategies covered in the Second Money & The Atomic Bond Workshop.

Embark on a transformative journey with us at the Second Money Workshop, where you not only learn the WHY behind chiropractic wellness care but also master the HOW-TO, ensuring a seamless and successful transition for patients and a lucrative practice for yourself. Elevate your practice to new heights with a majority of asymptomatic patients, and witness the unfolding of a salutogenic practice model that is both rewarding and financially freeing.

The workshop is offered twice a year in the USA, once in Australia, and once in the UK!

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