Thur., Sept. 9th at  7:30 PM CST


Come and learn the million-dollar secrets from Dr. Brad Glowaki as he interviews his previous associate, Dr. Ryan Carlson. Both have Million Dollar Practices and serve over 500 patient visits per WEEK!


      You Will Learn:

  • How to open a practice and be SUCCESSFUL during a pandemic -- Opening now is VERY different from just a couple of years ago!

  • Why a low-fee model is NOT a long term, sustainable plan (ATTENTION follows Money... When they pay, they take it seriously)

  • Mistakes and pitfalls to avoid during your opening process

  • How to manage ebbs and flows in practice, especially in the first 2 years!

  • How Principles + Procedures = PROFITS (and Miracles!!)

  • Why year-long care plans are DEAD

  • How to enjoy practice and NOT grind

  • What it takes to Collect $1,000,000 and pay off your Student Loans your first year in practice (Dr. Ryan will SHARE his recipe)


We cannot wait to share what WORKS so that chiropracTIC gets better and BETTER... and that starts with YOU ... the STUDENTS!


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