If you enjoyed the "Art of the Close" seminar and role-playing, then you're in for a treat because we have unrolled THE "Beast Camp!" This seminar teaches you the details of Personal Injury and most importantly how to double your prepay number and receive PI referrals!


*Stop doing narrative reports! Immediately...they hurt the case. Don't believe Glow? Ask them to PAY you first, before you write it next time they ask. Suddenly it'll not be needed.

*Learn our SYSTEMS to proceduralize disability as you go! It's not hard, just do what we do and it ups the value of the case and the patient's disability.

*See why your x-ray reports can hurt the case and put you on the hook for bigger complaints.

*Understanding biomechanics of injury from the subluxation based practice experts that have stood up under fire & in court before you get called to testify an old file.

*Learn grading systems of injury that equal FAST settlements and no depositions.


To be great at PI you must first understand what we are working with by looking at it from a totally different perspective from what is conventionally taught. Getting it right means BIG money. You can have a busy practice do PI well once you master it.

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