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MASTERCLASS: How to do TeLeMedicine Health Talks 

Having Taught Docs how to do "Live Talks & Corporate Lunch and learns" for years, Dr Glow delivered new patients after talks & internationally, results have been predictable! His track record on this topic has been established!

The recipe was easy. After taking one of Glow's 'Art of the Close' workshops, you could speak & attract believers as your new patients. As simple as: Speak & grow!


*New Patients in Lockdown inconsistent? 



... can't do Live corporate talks?

(We get it, just keep reading)



Why should you trust Dr Glow engineering this New Frontier: 

•His pioneering of 10-minute talks was genius.. Less time needed to speak meant docs could get into more places & light up new patients in bigger audiences. 

•Always a pioneer that is still "In the TReNcH," he has continued to innovate during lockdown. 

Testing & tweaking until we got it right! In the first 90 days... we didn't have it figured out entirely. 

In the last 90 days, we've been crushing it again!

•He's innovated New topics before & delivered results... He's done it AGAIN!

•As a Mentor that is still in practice his is an edge, and it is often an unfair advantage that can benefit you!

(The mistakes are made, so you avoid them! The recipe is sorted out, you just run it Like "Paint by Numbers")


Live talks were good for decades. Those 10-min talks were like doing "TED TALKS" & still better than doing spinal screenings. 

However, Most if not all those activitiies have now dried up as we head into winter in the Northern Hemisphere. (Winter is coming!)


Would you agree?

Lockdown has been different.

There are VERY few live talks.

As an in practice doc, Glow has  done a handful "LIVE" talks in lockdown, mostly thru a mask & its been different at BEST!

HOwever, Virtual talks have been tricky. At first we mostly got it WRONG.

We stayed with it & most importantly we have NOW cracked the code!


We have the correct Combinations to the UNLOCK 'virtual corporate talks'. (we found using the Industry terms is key to booking these events & its why we call them: TeLemedicine Health Talks) 

Simply stated: HOw to do Remote talks that generate New patients. We called them Virtual Talks until we learned, they refer to them as: TeLeMedicine Health Talks! (


How to sign up: 

The early bird prices are on until December 1st. Prices will go up & we are expecting to sell out!


--> While the Masterclass begins Jan 11th, prep materials will be sent December 15th, so you can prepare & benefit before class begins. 


What you will learn & the snapshot of The benefits:

•Context vs. Content requires you to CHANGE majority of your speaking style

•Your close to Virtual talks is 100% different than live talks

•Top 10 mistakes docs make when they attempt telemedicine classes & what you can avoid

•An in depth Autopsy of BAD virtual presentations & why they were D.O.A (Dead on arrival)

•Animation points that must be implemented on Telemedicine talks

•Live talk gestures & speaking styles that'll kill you

•How to NOT close (Live talk closes will be UGLY if done on a virtual, we know this firsthand!) 

•No today only, $20 offers.. you can't close it like its a Live talk

•TEchnology to use

•HOw to use technology if you are a guest & Its not your event

•Using 'gives throughout' so you don't ASK prematurely for an appointment

•Topics to avoid


--->If you have ever taken Dr Glow's 'Art of the Close' or SPEAK2 Attract Believers, than you will LOVE this virtual Masterclass & the resources!

There is honestly hours of content that will blow your mind!

However, there is ONE HUGE benegit: if nobody else is doing them, you are capable of crushing it without competition! YOu must act fast! 


Additional Features:

•No travel, no driving, no dressing up

•Do them in shorts & grow

•No food to bring & no expenses

•Be an asset they way we teach, NOT a solicitor

•Learn the top topics that are attractive

•Have access to a complete talk recorded, that is also the MOST popular topic

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