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Out of the vault by popular demand, we brought together two of our MOST popular virtual trainings into ONE power-packed training!

How to Raise Your Fee AND Objections to the Close (with corresponding scripted answers for BOTH)

Most practices have some percentage of long-term patients who slipped through the cracks and got "GRANDFATHERED" in to some absurdly low FEE schedules over the years. That conversation can be tough and very uncomfortable. When handled skillfully, with the proper scripts and a sequence of critical moves, you can effortlessly raise your FEE and have them actually THANK YOU!

In this Virtual Monthly Academy we will also show you the 3 MOST COMMON objections to your Report of Findings and equip you with the necessary tools to understand where upstream these objections come from so you can outright PREVENT them from coming up AND know exactly what to say if they do.

This Virtual Monthly Academy is recorded & will include:

  • Scripts to raise your fees while keeping patients happy

  • Guidance for navigating sticky situations (We call these Sh!Tuations)

  • How to make January your BEST collections month all year!

  • Explanations for why people say NO at RoF and how to avoid it

  • Communication techniques to drive more people to say YES

Give yourself a raise and better patient outcomes in 2024 by joining us for this game-changing Virtual Monthly Academy!


Proceeds from this virtual training will go to support the Australian Chiropractic College, promoting more subluxation-based graduates in Australia!

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