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Speak² Attract Believers

If you want to be a TRAINED SPEAKER, that attracts NEW PATIENTS we have ONE product that includes 3 ways to learn!

Booking More Outside Lectures: Part I

Booking More Outside Lectures: Part II

Learn to Speak 2 Attract Believers

 Are You Making This Same Mistake?

What you will learn at the Speak² Attract Believers Workshop:

• Learn the art of being HUMBLE! See how sequencing helps your close for growth. (Remember, talks are a metric, an analytic, it's NOT an emotional 'feeling')

• Get strategies that are already battle tested by Dr. Glow, that have been replicated and drove RESULTS by thousands of other docs already!

• Become a masterful closer to attract new patients. This is a skill, and it can be learned. It's not a mystery, we have the recipe. Speak and GROW. 

• There is a point at which there is such a thing as talking TOO much. Realize when to stop, what's too much and if you do get questions, this workshop shows you how to answer objections without being forced to think on your feet at the front of the class. 

• This training is both online & includes a seat Live, in-person. You get both!

• Find out the best answer to money and insurance questions if they arise and better still have your team prepared, because again you should NEVER take Q&A in front of a group. 

• See how we avoid the business card stall and how we turn that into a new patient.

• See how specific we can organize a team after a talk so that you are positioned to sign up double digits of new patients every time. Dr Glow has scheduled as many as 47 new patients in one 10-min talk.

• Sync or swim with your team. Have your team organized from before the talk, to confirming the new patient appointment, to at the talk scripting and responses. 

• Manage grenades or they blow up your talk and results. In other words, have set statements to opt them out before they become a talk killer. 

• Model behaviour. Look! When you sign up for this training, you get MASTERCLASS Access right away! Twice per year, we do live trainings and you get 2 seats to that! BEST OF ALL: the most popular feature is the 2 example talks of Glow giving a 10-min talk & the Traditional 60-min lecture. 

• Attract Victims (pain based new patients) and Volunteers (wellness patients in salutogenic model)

• At the live workshop you will get reps with Glow giving immediate corrections and feedback to your talks. 

• The 10-min talk example is gold! (It's included in the fee)

• The 60-min talk has the PowerPoint slides included. (No added fee)


The live workshop is like going to the driving range. Reps and corrections from the pro on this topic.

To recap, for ONE FEE, you actually get 3 access points to learn:


  1. It's a MASTERCLASS, all On-Line On-Demand. (Immediately available, learn now and login from anywhere!)

  2. It's a LIVE in-person training that occurs twice per year (get live reps and correction)

  3. There are two LIVE examples of talks. There is one product that delivers ALL this (no added fee and online access for multiple views and playback options)

Start Now!

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