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Do not join this Masterclass if you want more patients. 


The 'BEST WEEK EVER' (BWE) is a Re-Activation Campaign that allows practices to connect, communicate & convert inactive practice members. With the past quarantine restrictions happening globally, there has NEVER been a better time to follow a proven recipe to create excitement, enthusiasm & most of all ENGAGEMENT! (Get them back into a care plan) 


There are many offices that have taken massive losses in volume & revenue that will never recover. We've been contacted by 3 offices already, that had to close permanently. As in, out of business.  The sooner we put this mess behind us the better it is for everyone in YOUR Community & your business. 


WE have PROVEN Results... This campaign has been done in my office twice per year,  for 20 years. We've also shared it with private coaching clients on 5 continents with Successful RESULTS. (This isn't a theory, it is being taken ouT of the VAULT!) The first time most offices run this program, they re-sign over 15+ patients to Care plans! It's an EASY 10x of your investment & the best way to put your office on a new trajectory.  It'll do more than STOP THE SLIDE! 


WHY IT WORKS-   Having a patient turn back up in your office, is ALWAYS an easier conversion than even your best referred new patients! Re-Activation patients already had their own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE & they are back for more! (Referrals they are taking someone else's experience at face value & still need to decide for themselves)    *Your percentage of people saying YES & starting care will be thru the roof! (Compare these Re-Act Starts to 'FB ad new patients' & your statistics will sky rocket) 


2 Reasons people come back-   1) New Traumas or injuries.  2) they are reminded or triggered & obviously, they liked their previous experience in your practice.  In either, scenario they sold themselves, you just need to create the DRAW! There is NO easier start, than re-activations. 


HOW IT WORKS- Everything is done virtually, you'll have access to your on-demand training videos for 90 days and you control how quickly you can get to your Best Week Ever.  There are checklists to keep you and your team on track and downloads to help guide you towards success.


WHAT YOU NEED TO DO- Give us a team member to Execute the plan! (or you can do it doc!)  •If it's your CA,  we recommend at least one module per week for 4 weeks to get the BEST results. We will share with you the strategy to contact your patient base, the verbiage, the written lingo, the legal soundbites to keep you compliant and proven materials that get traction. The more organized you are with patient lists and your own contacts, the BETTER!  If you are not 'VERY ORGANIZED" then you need this program more than any doc out there. The true genius of this BWE program is ... THE PROCESS. Docs love the immediate GROW-ification we offer. However, the genius is in the organizational set we will give you to run this program for many years to come without us, based on the blueprint. 


WHEN IT STARTS- Access starts immediately! The shortest prep time to do this correctly for maximum returns is 4 weeks. We will hold your hand, provide video training, examples, scripting, and virtual support for your CA that is in charge. 


PS- We didn't even touch on the NEW PATiENTS, that is driven thru the ENTIRE process as your BONUS FEATURE! *Imagine that.. the bonus, the "oh YEAH, meant to tell you benefit..." Double Digit new patients through the 2 weeks of Explosive growth! The benefits of this program far outweigh the "DUCK & COVER" approach.  Duck & cover, that isn't a business plan. Have your BEST WEEK EVER in the year 2023! 

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