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Welcome to the Elements Workshop, where you can learn how to build a world-class chiropractic practice with the freedom to see more patients in less time, with half the work. Our two-day workshop is led by Dr. Brad Glowaki, known as the New Patient Maven, and is designed to teach you how to have a great Day 1 and a solid Day 2, with a high close rate.

At the Elements Workshop, you will learn:

  • Scientifically validated care plans

  • How patient results improve on care plans

  • Behavioral Psychology foundations built into procedures & office processes

  • Subluxation focused exams, not pain based

  • Performing a Day 1 listening for ‘Objections’ to Day 2 starts

  • Value building questions in Day 1

  • Objective measurements on re-exams

  • Role-playing the 12-min RoF showing objective results in 90 days

  • Closing people for Cash plans

  • High dollar per visit plans

  • How to carry wellness visits after symptoms are gone

These time-efficient procedures will allow you to see a higher volume while simultaneously demanding higher fees.

Dr. Glowaki's unique approach is different from other groups because we don't do group reports or 45-minute sales pitches. Instead, in just 12 minutes, patients know if they want your care or not. The decision-making phenomenon happens in about three minutes, so anything more than that, and you're just giving yourself opportunities to shoot yourself in the foot.

With the Elements Workshop, you'll learn how to avoid mistakes in your Day 1 and build value and listen to your patients. Chiropractors lose money on Day 1s, and need to make their money on Day 2. There are some real key elements to what we do that will get you paid at a higher rate, so you don't even need to see more volume to make more money.

Once you build great value, cost is no longer an obstacle, and you can charge the fees you deserve. The Elements Workshop is the first step to greatness and changing your office procedures. You'll learn how to do a scientifically based Day 2 with predictable results, and when you get predictable results, your confidence will go up, and your closes will too.

Whether you're interested in the Elements of Closing in the USA or the Elements of Opening internationally, our workshop is tailored to the specific laws and regulations of your country to provide you with a completely legal and ethical foundation for success. So join us at the Elements Workshop and take the first step towards building a world-class chiropractic practice.


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