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Now available as a Virtual Masterclass, at this workshop you will learn the proper etiquette for public speaking and presenting. We also demonstrate how to ethically create urgency so that you can move any audience out of awareness and into action! You will leave with the skills necessary to create new patients at every talk and lecture in just 10 minutes. You are provided with example talks and corresponding PowerPoints. The Virtual Masterclass includes 2 free seats to the live seminar that provides hands-on training and role playing.

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Don’t wait for injury to occur!  Discover why chronic bodily injuries can stem from head trauma.  Learn to communicate clearly to athletes, parents, and coaches to prevent concussions.  Find out how to work both on the field and off to manage concussion and be an asset to athletes, coaches, and your community.  All the marketing is included, scripts and PowerPoints!

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This course has an all-star line up for biomechanics, Billing, Care, ReHab & Marketing Skills to attract MORE! It will be taught virtually, so no matter where you are on the globe you'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the GREATS on our state-of-the-art platform!

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This masterclass is a Doc's dream! The 'BEST WEEK EVER' (BWE) is a Re-Activation Campaign that allows practices to Connect, communicate & convert inactive practice members. With the recent restrictions happening globally, there has NEVER been a better time to follow a proven recipe to create excitement, enthusiasm & most of all ENGAGEMENT! (Get them back into a care plan)...

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