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Paleo Health Lecture

Please note these calls happen monthly and they are RECORDED for playback options and have downloads at the click of a button on our custom site for virtuals.

We are hosting our Monthly Virtual Academy, on the Marketing topic of 'Paleo Heart Healthy' for Chirorpractors. It's an A-to-Z program of how to host internal talks in general and then specifically for the month of Valentine's Day, HEART Health in a natural salutogenic model. 

No one better for us to team up with on this monthly call than the Paleo Cardiologist, Jack Wolfson! He was a heart surgeon for 16 years and realized he was trying to save people living a DEATH-STYLE not a vitalistic Lifestyle. He shifted gears, wrote a book we base this in-house lecture from, and this topic DRAWS a crowd. 


On this months call you will learn:

  • How to fill the talks in your office

  • How to book this topic externally inside corporations

  • A LIVE example of Dr. Glow giving the Entire talk start to finish for his patients.

  • How Dr. Glow closes this talk and why it's different

  • The PowerPoint with all the references and resources

  • Internal office procedures to explode with new patients

  • Interview with the author (who is married to a chiropractor) and stats you can use from the side effects of statin drugs and BP meds

  • How to use this as a cultural building event

  • How we build in a STRETCH day and have our busiest day in practice for the month of February BY DESIGN.  This one strategy alone is worth the price of the entire monthly virtual academy learning session but its just a BONUS! 


Last month, the proceeds from our Monthly Virtual Academy went to the Australian Chiropractic College. This month the proceeds are going to Scotland College of Chiropractic! *You learn ways to 10x or even 20x your investment in just 14 days after buying the virtual and the new school in the UK has a chance to get vital funding. Its a win-win. 

A portion of the proceeds from this virtual event will go to support the Scotland Chiropractic College, promoting more subluxation-based graduates in Europe!

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