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Your kids spell love T-I-M-E

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“Joe Flesia who passed away a number of years ago who was by far the best communicator in chiropractic, he would hand that baton off to you today, I have no question whatsoever”

– Dr. Guy Riekeman
Chancellor of Life University

“When I think of powerful, clear, concise patient communications; when it comes to translating this vast powerful thing called chiropractic into short communications that patients can get and respond to, I think of Dr. Brad Glowaki. He is a master patient communicator and it’s not just abstract to him. Brad does that at his own highly successful practice and he teaches routinely throughout the world to other chiropractors.”

– Dr. Patrick Gentempo

“It’s probably one of the best programs that I’ve seen in chiropractic that literally gets you out into the community and talking to people about chiropractic and talking about saving their lives.”

– Dr. Ron Oberstein
President of Life Chiropractic College West

“This dude’s the smartest dude in terms of marketing in our profession so you’ve got to hook up with this guy if you’re really interested in taking the message to the world.”

– Dr. Billy DeMoss


Brad Glowaki is one of the most sought after speakers in the profession because he is still in practice, at the MOST elite level, in so many different categories. His practice is high volume, high profile, highly profitable, & it’s all run with vitalistic communication procedures. Those procedures from his office are then shared with other chiropractors at his various trainings.


In practice, his patients include current Stanley cup winners, Olympic gold medalists, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Famers, Superbowl champions, and perhaps most exciting: he takes care of those athletes’ children too. However, he’s in a VERY high-volume office, so most of the patients are not high profile. They are highly educated on chiropractic care for so much more beyond pain & symptoms. Many patients stay on for wellness visits at a weekly frequency for life and it’s independent of insurance payments or coverage. True value is conveyed through his procedures.

To be clear, he isn’t a sports-only-chiropractor. It’s a family practice where high volume daily numbers are achieved with high-quality care.

In California, there are over 10,000 chiropractors and in 2008, he was named “Chiropractor of the Year.” He was also named the 2009 CLA international Ambassador. In 2012, he was the Parker seminars “International Chiropractor of the Year.”

As a speaker, Brad teaches with a unique perspective that he calls: “from in the TReNch”. The reason he has that point of view is that he has practice experience from yesterday! His content is relevant, cutting edge, and his signature feedback forms always state: “You over-deliver!”

What transitions his big stage philosophy to your office procedures is the unique and original communication strategies that he teaches. We always emphasize that this info is created, developed, tested, and then packaged simplistically before being taught. With bruises and scars from making mistakes, Dr. Glow always delivers refined content that is battle-tested and simplified for use on Monday.

In addition to practicing and speaking, he has done a series of interviews with his patients and elite athletes on how they utilize chiropractic care beyond pain. He has co-authored a book with best-selling author Jack Canfield called: Success Today! He’s had the privilege of interviewing Wayne Dyer and incorporates so many spiritual beliefs into the procedures and body of works to help chiropractors remain authentic to the best version of themselves. Endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, Pat Gentempo, Guy Riekeman, Ron Oberstein & long-standing best friend of Billy DeMoss, Brad has remained humble and has often been called the hardest work doc in the profession.

A passionate speaker, husband & father of four children, Dr. Glow will tell you, after his family, his greatest achievement is the hundreds of chiropractors that he has helped. Most specifically the ones that have doubled their income and simultaneously doubled their time off with their family. His mantra of “360° of Success’’ is putting an end to the thinking of success at all costs.
Join him to learn more than chiropractic office procedures. Level up your life so you are living success in ALL areas of life. Truly the 360° of success lifestyle for chiropractors.

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