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Virtual P.I. BEAST Camp On-DEMAND content!


This course has an all-star lineup for Biomechanics, Billing, Care, ReHab & Marketing Skills to attract MORE


The info is recorded for multiple viewings & instant on-demand access that you view from any location. 

The Faculty will include Dan Murphy, Sam Collins, Deed Harrison, Kelsey Andersen, Ed Harkins, Claudia Anrig, Drew Clark, & Brad Glowaki. 

Phenomenal results & case studies by Deed Harrison.


We will cover:

  • Injury Evaluation & understanding pitfalls of incorrect dx codes. (We will provide the Cheatsheet for easy Dx codes to accidents)

  • Use of X-ray for ligament instability & how that can be leveraged for settlements when done objectively.

  • Value drivers for the case so YOU are the office of choice for attorneys (Passive referrals TO YOU)

  • How to attract 100 Passive cases per year to your office & the marketing steps to increase new Pi patients. 

  • Ratings & Impairments that are morally accurate & will set up your patient for Fair rewards in an often unjust system

  • Diagnosis Pointing for Maximum care allowed,  in an ethical manner, to increase visits allowed. 

  • Avoiding depositions & Trial

  • Increasing in-office communication to NOT sound pushy & convey proper steps for case management

  • Documentation for rookies & times to refer out, even for the experts

  • Stop writing reports & narratives altogether (watch settlement offers rise)

  • Marketing like an expert so minimal effort yields maximum pi referrals.

  • The dangers of opioid addiction & how Chiropractic care can SAVE Lives in an ethical manner! 



This course will be 9 videos all previously RECORDED with instant access! What used to be covered in a weekend, now requires no travel, no hotels & no time away from Family. You will have access for a minimum of 90 days & continued access is offered beyond that if you choose. Marketing is provided, passive referral sources given & some of the most original sources of NEW pi cases in time of LOCKDOWN. •Avoid Long Narrative reports, the need to be in depositions & receive passive referrals. In tough economies, you need to have multiple sources of new patients & there has never been a better time to do Personal Injury & help those that often get taken advantage of by insurance adjusters. 


Be ready for Personal Injury with our All-star lineup and rare opportunity to do this virtually. (If we did this LIVE, we could not easily assemble this line up on one single date. Take advantage of the online access) 


PLEASE NOTE: High-quality audio and images were captured in the making of this program so the virtual experience will be an enhanced experience.

PS- World-class faculty covers injuries, diagnosis, chiropractic care, rehab, how to bill, get paid well & create patient testimonials while you attract PASSIVE referrals. The only thing costing you is hesitation. Take advantage and enroll now!

Inquire when the next class starts!

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