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Trench Talk 3.0

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BACK by popular demand! *Trench Talk 3.0 (Patient Education on the Daily, While You Adjust)
• For only the
third time in a decade, we will host a Virtual Masterclass on TABLE TALK that will educate, open closed minds, and  Limit ATTRITION of your weekly visits! (increase retention)

Your daily interactions will either support re-signs into wellness care, or they will detract from the probability of doing so! 

We understand that not every point is going to be hit at exactly the planned timing, so we teach in 3 ways, leaving no details out.
(*You can choose the intervals, while the progress is going to happen.)


  1. Broken into PHASES of care education, with a theme.

  2. Weekly themes & bullet points.

  3. EXACTLY what to cover each visit.

Practice moves fast, and I'm in the trench with you! Not every visit is ideal to teach. However, no plan, no roadmap, and NO blueprint will lead to LOWER re-signs and the need for more new patients.

It's more cost-effective to KEEP the people you have, than to market for more new patients.
The timing of WHEN to educate is NOT at the re-sign visit... it must be before you get there!

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