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In the Absence of Value, COST is the Only Consideration

With High-VALUE exams, cash closes become easy, allowing you to exit the insurance game.

  • Multiple Late Nights doing "Doctors Reports" only to collect small fee per visit

  • Exhausting 30-minute Report of Findings scripts 1-on-1

  • Late nights at the office 'catching up' 

  • Missing your children's school events for late-night Reports

  • of care from Insurance Companies on your 'corrective care plans'

  • People dropping out of care early

  • Pay as you go Care plans (They never pay, they always GO!)​

ARE YOU TIRED of Worrying About...

​...Then this Workshop is for YOU!

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 2.52.06 PM.png

At this intimate workshop, we will discuss proper etiquette for public speaking and presenting. We will also show you how to ethically create urgency so that you can move any audience out of awareness and into action! You will leave with the skills to create new patients at every talk and lecture in just 10 minutes. There will be scripting, role playing, and you'll receive a USB drive with LIVE example talks and the PowerPoint.

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