FREE Video Tip on "Avoiding the Pain Conversation"
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Elements of Closing™ – USA

In the Absence of Value COST is the Only Consideration. 


(With High-VALUE exams, cash closes get easy & you can exit the insurance game)

ARE YOU TIRED of Worrying About...

  • Multiple Late Nights doing "Doctors Reports" only to collect small Fee per visit

  • Exhausting 30-minute Report of Findings scripts 1-on-1

  • Late nights at the office 'catching up' 

  • Missing your children's school events for late night Reports

  • The Blue Cross/ Blue Shield 'Tier' system

  • Small reimbursement from ASHP and ACN

  • Over-utilization of care from Insurance Companies on your 'corrective care plans'

  • People dropping out of care early

  • Pay as you go Care plans (They never pay, they always GO!)

...Then this Workshop is for YOU!

Elements of Opening™ – Australia & Europe

Cultural changes have been made from the US version of this workshop. Compliance, regulatory board, and cultural shifts have been made. The info is ready to go Monday. Stop selling, create buyers!

Speak 2 Attract Believers:

The “Speak 2 Attract Believers” is a True WORKSHOP! You will role play, fail faster & leave a GREAT speaker. Lots of Hands on & capable of QUICK Growth! The ORIGINAL seminar to teach the profession the 10 minute talk…Just ask!

Concussion Roulette™:

Learn the risks of brain injury: effects on the immune system, grades and potentially lower extremity injuries.  We will teach you the protocols and procedures to help more young athletes by working up the spine not off the spine.  This is a SUBLUXATION rich topic!

Virtual P.I. Beast Camp™:

This course has an all-star line up for biomechanics, Billing, Care, ReHab & Marketing Skills to attract MORE! It will be taught virtually, so no matter where you are on the globe you'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the GREATS on our state-of-the-art platform!

FREE Video Tip on "Avoiding the Pain Conversation"
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