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Revolutionize Women's Health in your community with Our "Fast Like a Girl" In-House Health Lecture

Empower your female patients and skyrocket your practice with our groundbreaking "Fast Like a Girl" health lecture, based on Dr. Mindy Pelz's transformative book.

Fasting is taking the health world by storm, and now you can bring its incredible benefits to your patients. Our comprehensive package equips you with a captivating PowerPoint presentation and an engaging live talk example by Dr. Brad Glowaki, ensuring you have everything you need to host this game-changing lecture in your office.

By investing in the "Fast Like a Girl" talk package, you’ll gain a powerful tool to attract new patients and establish your practice as a leader in women’s wellness. Just one new patient will quadruple your investment in this revolutionary internal talk that can also be adapted for corporate Lunch-N-Learns.

In this talk you will learn:

  • Double-ended Close: See how we use “double-ended” close for MORE than just new patients.

  • Fasting as a Chiropractic Topic: Learn to make fasting a chiropractic topic.

  • Integrating Nutrition: See how Glow can take the topic of food, nutrition & eating and turn it into traditional chiropractic new patients.

  • Dynamic Presentation: The PowerPoints are included & content-rich.

  • All-inclusive Package: Nothing extra to buy.

  • PLUS you'll support a chiropractic school: All funds go to the new vitalistic chiropractic school ACC in Adelaide, Australia.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your practice and empower your female patients. Purchase the "Fast Like a Girl" talk package today and unlock the door to heightened patient satisfaction, referrals, and practice growth.

All proceeds will go to the Australian Chiropractic College and help with their expansion into Melbourne.


All proceeds will go to the Australian Chiropractic College and help with their expansion into Melbourne!

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