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Our Most Popular In-House Health Lecture is Out of The Vault
"Why We Don't Sleep"
And Ready to be Taught by You

Want to make a change in your community and educate your patients on "Why we don't sleep." Strategically, you can conduct this talk up to two times a year when we change our clocks. This is the BEST time of year to give this talk as people are  EXPERIENCING the one hour lack of sleep, and they are an easier close!


Make sense?

Almost everyone has encountered a night of minimal or no sleep. Even after just one night without enough rest, we can feel tired during the day with fog brain, lack of energy, and an irritable mood. It’s estimated to affect around one-third of American adults1, a problem that has only worsened in recent years.

This NEW Sleep lecture is great for Docs looking to educate your patients and provide mutual support and solutions on the topic. 

You will have access to this on-demand class for 90 days, as well as the option to download all the materials. 

Together we will:

  • Define the Things That Can Interfere With Sleep

  • Understand how to Create Healthy Sleeping Habits 

  • Learn how to Combat the Inevitable Stresses and Dangers that Threaten Your Sleep

Start this on-demand class now to have immediate access to:

  • Private on-demand platform

  • Overview Video

  • Modeled Behavior Live Sleep Lecture

  • Why We Don't Sleep PowerPoint

  • Why We Don't Sleep Flyer for Marketing Purposes

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