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The "Associate ModeL" is going to LEVEL UP your FREEDOM!

To get started, you will need to fill out the practice profile & simultaneously put down a deposit. If you are not yet ready to add an associate after I review your profile, I will make recommendations so you can still level up & your deposit will be returned. 

There will be docs I turn away. It is not fair if you have expectations I can NOT meet. It will also not be fair, for me to shop & to find you an associate that isn't going to get what they expect either. 

I don't promise to find you an associate and when I do, I do NOT charge a finders fee. 


We have clubs on campuses and docs in the wings waiting to be matched. It doesn't always work out but we will provide options. 


In this Master Class, the MOST profound thing docs have enjoyed already: The ability to FULLY train an associate in just 90 days!


What you will also receive in this course for "Elements" alumni:


   How to find Catch-N-Keep or Catch-N-Release docs

   Contracts for your associates

      Employment rules and office manual

   Handbook for learning outside the office

   Key transition points to pass authority

   How to handle unhappy, upset & irate patients after you are gone

   The most detailed step-by-step plan you have EVER seen so your new doc is ready in 90 days!

   Adjusting recommendations

   The "proper" progressions & what NOT to do



       All content is hosted on a private platform so you can train from home or your workstation, download training materials, and contracts to work at your pace.

We will give you downloads, a team handbook & the actual employee contracts that have "3 hooks" to protect you & gives you legal recourse for any Shenanigans.


Forms, role plays, communication, CA scripts to integrate the doc, shift in office roles, the 90-day checklist, contracts, bonus structure, handbooks & video examples are all included with webinar material as well as a playback option.


Step #1: Fill out the Practice profile

Step #2: Pay your deposit of $495 (It's refundable if you are not accepted)

Step #3: Start planning LONGER vacations

Step #4: Consider coaching your child's sports team


PS- Your associate run right will PAY YOU! That's right, this is ultimately a "Risk Reversal"... you will make more GROSS & PROFITS when it's Done Right! Apply Now!


Your balance of $1495 will be due after your acceptance to the program. 

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