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This exclusive Black Friday bundle includes:

  • Stress Overload Syndrome - Help patients understand and manage the effects of stress on their health and wellbeing. Includes 45 minute lecture and engagement activities.
  • Healthy Heart Through Paleo - Inspire heart-healthy eating based on Paleo principles. Teach patients how the 'caveman' diet can be useful for weight loss without requiring a complete dietary overhaul. Based on the best-selling book The Paleo Cardiologist.
  • Why We Don't Sleep - Educate patients on common sleep disorders and provide actionable solutions for better sleep.

BONUS TALK: Concussion Roulette - Educate on the risks of concussions and second impact syndrome in student athletes. This is our MOST POPULAR 10-min talk and it covers the severity of concussion injuries, problems with outdated testing methods, the benefits of getting a baseline to measure against, and why they should see you before injury occurs.

With this bundle, you'll receive access to our private platform with downloadable DONE FOR YOU lecture materials and scripts for each talk. Give the gift of health this season and watch your practice explode with new patients! Sign up now to get 90 days of access to this exclusive Black Friday bundle.

Health Talk Bundle

$1,597.00 Regular Price
$895.00Sale Price
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