If you want to Raise your Fee in the New Year, there is etiquette, behavioral psychology & genius communication we can share in just 90 minutes, on this recorded webinar! It doesn't matter what country you practice in, this is applicable all over the world!


--> How to raise your CASH fee for chiropractic visits AND not lose people!


This webinar is recorded & will include:

•Scripts for raising your fees

•Sticky situations & navigation

•How to make January your BEST collections month

•How to handle Re-Activations and collect more PER visit! 

•What SH!Tuations might arise & how to handle them with grace


When was the last time you decided to give yourself a RAISE?! 


We got you covered! 


P.S.- Proceeds from this virtual event will go to support CBP non-profit for subluxation-based research! 

While the event is on Tuesday, January 11th, it is recorded & you will be up to new fee schedules by Tuesday, February 1st! 


---> Just so we are clear: you do not need to be on it live, it is a recorded event!