Avoid the Coming Recession

Chiropractic Business Lessons from 5 Previous Economic Meltdowns. 


Join us on TUE, MAR 31, 2020 6:00 PM - 07:30 PM PDT for the roadmap so you can BE quantum while you create & are Causing the Effect!(  instead of Reacting to this downturn which will be causing YOUR effects)

--> This economy is revealing several practice weaknesses. Many docs will have months they can't afford to give their employees 3 paychecks in the same Month! (Usually thats the Month of May)

Too many docs have been living off practice "Leftovers" & now their out-of-date system needs an overhaul. This economy will NOT be kind if you run a "Financially Fragile" business model. 


This is MORE than a webinar, its a tele-Business class with scripts, role plays, procedures & as always: THE OVER-DELIVERY from Dr. Glow! 


Lesson #1 How to Handle Financial objections in the Report of Findings.

     •You will start to hear more people ADD TIME to the decision making for care plans. They will say things like: "Let me think          about it"  or, "Let me talk to my spouse" or even this one: "I want to check the insurance verification for myself." 


*You must realize: Time Kills ALL deals & they are adding TIME to the ROF & it'll cost you SERIOUS income. We will cover, script and show you the top 3 objection-Management during the Report of findings! (scripted out) 


Lesson #2 Invest in your culture during SLOW Times

     •WE will give you scripting, role plays to do in-office to BETTER your team. As we say, Script the Critical Moves or FeeL the          overwhelm when things pick up.


Lesson #3 Don't just WORK IN THE BUSINESS, we will show you how to work ON the business.

     •Adjust your margins & increase the GAP between your expenses and your profits. To PROFIT is not a ONE time event. It            should be Daily. Make EVERY day "pay day". You can NOT run a charity out of your office. You must run your practice Like          a BUSINESS!   (Warning: not for the faint of heart. This will be tough talk & hard to hear if you are in a High Volume LOW            profit model. It could also SAVE you!) 


*We will discuss "Breakage"... It's the silent dread in every office that something you didn't plan on, think about or Foresee happens to you! If things are broken in shipping, that 'BREAKAGE" is built into the Business model. You need this too. 


Lesson #4 Build reserves as part of the the ROUTINE! Make it built into the process so you can ABSORB Tough times!      

     •You need to be able to 'take the hits' and get back up. Be able to INVEST your growth. Safe places to grow your money,             financial decisions to avoid & in what priority to handle your student loans, debt, mortgages &  overall FINANCES!

     Establish passive cash flow OUTSIDE the office in tough times. (*NO we do not sell supplements) 


Lesson #5 The RACE to 100! 

     •Your freedom is on the other side of getting 100 weekly wellness visits. its a race to have 100 pain free patients every week.       They will cover all costs & overhead in the Recession proof model Glow will lay ouT & he lives it!  If the First day of each               Month you covered your costs, how NICE would it be to have PROFITS  Immediately.  You can Not live off practice leftovers.       Quit GiVING all your profits away with HUGE family discounts!


This Vitalistic model is SO good for SO many YOUNG docs that have bought into the high volume, spinal screen every Saturday & get paid with LOVE (NOT CASH) BS that's out there!


One more thing, when you handle objections correctly (Lesson #1) you will never take another "Hardship" case again. They can afford it, you've just been taught to go SOFT too soon on your Fee schedule & this economy will reveal your weaknesses. 



PS- Leave your EGO at the door. (*E.G.O. stands for = Edging GOD OuT)  Also, don't let your 'Fragile financial coach' scare you with talk of not being "LOYAL".  At the least, your comfortable lifestyle is at stake. Realize some docs will Avoid bankruptcy from what they can IMPLEMENT after this information is applied. Your coach got you into this mess, we can get you ouT! 




•Dr Brad Glowaki was in Practice during Sept 11 Terrorist attacks in 2001 & patient visits Plummeted 

•He was also collecting over $1M before, during & AFTER the "GREAT RECESSION" of 2008

•The insurance "correction' of 2012 when ASHP, ACN were born & work comp Died!

•Black Monday of 2015 - when people lose money on paper they tighten up their wallets for months

•Dr Glow Predicted the Meltdown of 2020 (but not the cause, no idea about CoronaVirus) and had his office positioned well to give docs insight RIGHT NOW!

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