Webinar Hosted on Thursday, April 29th at 10:00 a.m.

We are hosting a Virtual Training on "Objections to The Close" (What to say if they say NO at the Report of Findings)


This important info is Based on Behavioral Economics, and what may shock you are these 2 facts, your objections are actually: Predictable & Redundant. 


To learn the scripted responses is SO important & it will be covered!

However, MORE IMPORTANTLY, is to find out WHY they said no & "PACKAGE AGAINST IT" so you prevent it in the future. 

If you can predict AND package against it not only will you turn people around, you will see less of it going forwards.


Some of the greatest sales trainers in the world have stated: There are ALWAYs top 5 objections in EVERY sales cycle.



Understanding where in the Day 1 Consult or Day 2 Report of findings you LOST THEM! 

IN other words, based on which of the top 5 objections you hear, we will give the "communication diagnostics" & explain WHERE you lost them.


In essence, you will learn:

     WHAT THEY LIKELY say as they object. 

     How to counter-punch these phrases

     Where you lost them so you can tighten up procedures 


In a world that's been locked down for over a year, people are getting Frugal. Savvy consumers will be in your office soon. Get prepared & prevent objections. 


This virtual will be recorded, you do NOT need to be on it Live. Stop losing people. Get the language, have results. We make it simple. If you wish to attend live, April 29th is your day! (However, recordings are sent to every paid registrant) 


PS- This content is Truly 'out of the vault'. It's only been taught to Level UP offices AFTER a live seminar. Our international docs will love these 'Vault secrets' and it open to future ‘TORS!