It can be the ONE BIG Bottle Neck that is limiting your practice OR.. the Ultimate source of referrals! Table talk is CRITICAL & this webinar is the "how to" from an IN-THE-TRENCH chiropractor seeing high volume, high fee & giving care to high profile patients. (Stanley Cup Winners, MVP baseball players & Super Bowl Champs. No value lost even when the stakes are high and these athletes can get care ANYWHERE)


If you ever wanted to SPEAK vitalistically & not have a pain-centered practice, this webinar is for YOU!


Often docs think its how to answer.. and quite frankly you need the "3-Point Turn" in your vocabulary. You see in 3 points, you can take PAIN conversations into vitalistic. Simply put, answer the questions with a question is BASIC, I'll be going DEEP and getting SPECIFIC!


This is a PROCEDURAL webinar & it's recorded.


I'll be providing "LIVE" examples with a lapel microphone on me to share with you! (Don't worry my patients signed off on the HIPPAA compliance for this, but it's that Intimate you'd want Clearance)


Here is what else will be covered on the "TABLE TALK" webinar:


- Phrases to keep you compliant & Vitalistic

- Office procedures you can't skip

- My Top 3 "Go To" phrases for the last 20+ years (you will use them the same day as the webinar!)

- Top 5 things that KiLL table talk, office flow, and the EXPERIENCE

- How to handle open adjusting with politeness & professionalism (We see 500+ weekly in open adjusting & I take 8 weeks vacation, so this is Transferable to your ASSOCIATES who I am sure LACK the table talk YOU have if you're the Lead doc or practice owner. I go away OFTEN, and nobody complains)

- How table leads to Testimonials 


There is so much more, for a nominal fee get what no other COACH is offering: TABLE TALK from the TReNCH

I"m not a coach, I'm a MENTOR, 'Cuz I'm still in the GAME.

P.S. - Once you purchase this webinar, you will be given access to an mp3 link so you can own it for multiple listens or if you can't be on the webinar live










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