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Use these tips to avoid burnout in your practice & family life!
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“It’s probably one of the best programs that I’ve seen in chiropractic that literally gets you out into the community and talking to people about chiropractic and talking about saving their lives.”

– Dr. Ron Oberstein
President of Life Chiropractic College West


“Joe Flesia who passed away a number of years ago who was by far the best communicator in chiropractic, he would hand that baton off to you today, I have no question whatsoever.”

– Dr. Guy Riekeman
International speaker, author, entrepreneur, chiropractor, and Chancellor Emeritus of Life University

“When I think of powerful, clear, concise patient communications; when it comes to translating this vast powerful thing called chiropractic into short communications that patients can get and respond to, I think of Dr. Brad Glowaki. He is a master patient communicator and it’s not just abstract to him. Brad does that at his own highly successful practice and he teaches routinely throughout the world to other chiropractors.”

– Dr. Patrick Gentempo
Lecturer & Author of Your Stand Is Your Brand Co-Founder & CEO - Action Potential Holdings, Inc.

“There's nobody teaching a better RoF in my opinion, on the planet, in Chiropractic right now than Brad...Brad's not only the best business-minded person in our profession, he's also amazing at marketing and getting the new peeps to come in.” 

– Dr. Billy DeMoss
International speaker, entrepreneur, and chiropractor

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"He is a full package of someone who not only knows the work, but knows how to impart it in a way that you actually embody it, integrate it, and apply it in your life and create more success both personally and professionally.”

– Jack Canfield
American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur

#3 book on the

Amazon Best Sellers list

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•These 3 videos outline the FREEDOM model for our associate recipe, only available AFTER you attend "Elements" 2-day workshop

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Elements of Closing™ – USA

In the Absence of Value COST is the Only Consideration. 


(With High-VALUE exams, cash closes get easy & you can exit the insurance game)

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Virtual PI BEAST™

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Elements of Closing™ - USA

ARE YOU TIRED of Worrying About...?


·       Multiple late nights doing "Doctors Reports" only to collect a small fee per visit

·       Exhausting 30-minute report of findings scripts 1-on-1

·       Late nights at the office 'catching up' 

·       Missing your children's school events for late-night reports

·       The Blue Cross/ Blue Shield 'Tier' system

·       Small reimbursement from ASHP and ACN

·       Over-utilization of care from insurance companies on your 'corrective care plans'

·       People dropping out of care early

·       Pay as you go care plans (They never pay, they always GO!)​

...Then this Workshop is for YOU!

Virtual P.I. Beast Camp™ 

This online Masterclass has an all-star lineup for biomechanics, Billing, care, ReHab & proven marketing techniques to attract MORE! It will be taught virtually, so no matter where you are you'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the GREATS on our state-of-the-art platform!

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TeLemedicine Health Talks Masterclass

This creative Masterclass vividly demonstrates the ways in which virtual on-demand programming can make communities stronger and more resilient by improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and our community from the comfort of their own homes. 

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Best Week Ever

This masterclass is a Doc's dream! The 'BEST WEEK EVER' (BWE) is a Re-Activation Campaign that allows practices to connect, communicate and convert inactive practice members. With the recent restrictions happening globally, there has NEVER been a better time to follow a proven recipe to create excitement, enthusiasm & most of all ENGAGEMENT! (Get them back into a care plan)...

Use these tips to avoid burnout in your practice & family life!
Submit below for access to the video tips!

Thank you for submitting! Please check your email for the link.