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Join Dr. Brad Glowaki and your Chiropractic Colleagues for a highly acclaimed workshop centered on effective communication during Day 1 Consultations, the Report of Findings, and the art of cultivating lifetime wellness patients. Discover the groundbreaking LEVEL UP system, designed by Dr. Brad Glowaki, which has revolutionized practices and yielded remarkable results around the world. Elevate your patient outcomes and boost your practice profits by implementing these powerful systems.

    What you'll learn:​
  • Scientifically validated care plans
  • How patient results improve on care plans
  • Behavioral Psychology foundations built into procedures & office processes 
  • Subluxation focused exams, not pain based
  • Performing a Day 1 listening for ‘Objections’ to Day 2 starts

  • Value building questions in Day 1

  • Objective measurements on re-exams

  • Role-playing the 12-min RoF showing objective results in 90 days

  • How to convey need for care without the use of X-rays

  • Closing people for Cash plans

  • High dollar per visit plans

  • How to carry wellness visits after symptoms are gone

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