The Elements of Closing 2-Day Workshop will Cover:

– VAlue building questions in Day 1

– Behavioral Psychology foundations built into procedures & office processes 

– Subluxation focused exams, not pain based

– Performing a Day 1 listening for ‘Objections’ to Day 2 starts

– You will Role Play the 12-min RoF showing objective Results in 90 days

– Scientifically validated care plans

– Objective measurements on re-exams

– Closing people for Cash plans

– High dollar per visit plans 

These time-efficient procedures will allow you to see a higher volume, while simultaneously demanding higher fees. 


 Many docs choose to simply collect a  higher fee on the SAME volume & spend less time in the office. It’s up to you! 

 The FREEDOM is yours and it can be banked anywhere you see want.

 Same Volume = MORE money


​Remove Bottlenecks = Explode your bank account

 … the decision is up to the doc with our systems! Get to the Elements of Closing