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Many Australian Chiropractors have been asking Brad to come to Australia to present his The Art of Influence workshop. This is to let you know that he is coming out to Australia to do the complete workshop!


​At this intimate workshop (50 docs) we will discuss proper etiquette for public speaking and presenting. We will also show you how to ethically create urgency so that you can move any audience out of awareness and into action! You will leave with the skills to create new patients at every talk and lecture.


There will be scripting, role playing, a follow up webinar for questions you think of on the flight home! When you end the seminar you will receive a “jump drive” full of info & materials you can take home and be ready for action on Monday. However, most of all you will know how to finish talks with people wanting to come and see you.​


The whole second day will show you how to compress your message to create MASSIVE impact in a short amount of time: The 10-Minute talks! This inverse rule allows you to book more events because you require less time. Once you master this new style you might not want to do another HOUR-LONG talk, ever again! (Docs are averaging 12+ new patients per 10 min talk).


Brad is a master communicator who has built a super successful practice in Long Beach California. Southern California is one of the most competitive places to practice in the world and Brad has developed strategies to not only build his practice but also allow him to take 8 weeks holiday a year! ​


Brad understands that Australia is a very different environment to the US. He understands that there are cultural differences. He understands the rules that we are governed by and will show you how to be effective and impactful while working within those rules.


Coming soon…

  • More people in your health talks both in-house and in business; from Awareness to Action!

  • Uncover “The Funked up 5:” 5 Mistakes Chiro’s routinely do in a talk that will “funk up” your results

  • Learn different ways to finish talks for maximum impact

  • Utilize pre-frame to highlight behavioural contradictions and Socratic strategies that inspire people to take action in improving their health

  • Learn the important skills of delivering effective Lunch and Learn talks (the backbone to every talk!)

  • Discover how a speaker’s body posture affects the mood of your crow​

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