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The Corporate Skeleton Key is a product designed to get chiropractors into more venues to educate communities on the essential benefits of YOUR chiropractic care. Whether it's calling companies from scratch, following internal leads of existing patients, or using our "leveraged reputation," we are expanding and creating MULTIPLE avenues to get you in front of the audience of your choice.


Most Corporate Skeleton Key offices are booking their own events WEEKLY, by utilizing the information taught in this program. This product is unrivaled and has so many unique characteristics, it simply can NOT be reproduced. While it includes top notch scripts, flyers, and PowerPoints we have set the bar for "CA training" in a whole new light.  Dr. Brad Glowaki's communication and marketing techniques are precise and the results are astounding for chiropractors around the globe.


The Corporate Skeleton Key (CSK) is essential for any chiropractic office looking to save more lives under chiropractic care. From new graduates who want to catapult their reputation and align themselves with Fortune 500 companies.  To veteran doctors who don’t have time to waste on false promises and who aspire to leave a legacy within this strong profession. This unwavering confidence comes from Dr. brad Glowaki's own hard-earned reputation as a leading chiropractic as an international speaker, who is still in the trench! 


These proven strategies are 100% available to you, if you are ready to educate your community and turn their power on! CSK is a geographically specific program, meaning, YOU and your OFFICE will be excluded if your zone is occupied. Find out now, if your 


In addition to businesses, a major thrust of this program is towards Police and Fire departments as well. As a universal category, these ‘occupational athlete’s love our tailor-made talks for their profession. We also teach and perform screening tests, and stress analysis that all generate LARGE amounts of new patients because we offer more than simply one product.


Even better still, we have obtained and used a ONE MILLION DOLLAR wellness grant to work with these occupational athletes. (That's called risk reversal you get paid to market your practice.) So this isn’t a theory, it's been done, and now we can show you how! Upon purchase of the Corporate Skeleton Key online product, you will be listed on our Wellness Champions website and have corporate exposure as a wellness leader. This website will identify you as our only local representative, and give you added leverage. All CSK docs are known as Wellness Champions by their local corporate targets. Once you are ‘in’, we then have multiple ways to market your brand of chiropractic. Many of these strategies are unseen in chiropractic, as The Maven created them. They are also ONLY taught to participating Corporate Skeleton Key doctors. (Unique marketing strategies for members only) Each doctor will learn these new strategies to market and the powerful formats to educate that include, but also go well beyond the traditional ‘Lunch and Learn’ talks.


This program is delivered in an on-line format with tutorials built for teaching doctors, and separate modules for the team driven portion. As the staff books, and sets events, the doctor is better trained on new skills and the details that make you a masterful marketer.


This flagship product is built around the philosophy that YOU should select YOUR new patients, they don’t select you. In the actual marketing, you create buyers as you are never forced to sell. These new skills are so ethical and professional and you will thoroughly enjoy marketing, and crave more opportunities to share your message. We have the Key to get you in, so you can choose the venues that will have your ideal, and targeted new patient.


The operational model is that this program can be COMPLETELY team run, and the doctor shows up at the events your staff has booked. With this cost effective approach, there is little time required by the doctor.


Once the staff member is trained, the recommended time invested each week is between 8-20 hours. If there is ever staff turnover, the new hire can easily be trained with this online series, and extra no time is required from the doctor. This is the KEY to getting YOU into more Corporations, Police and Fire Departments to work with, as you build your practice!


Pricing and availability are only discussed with qualified doctors.

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